Monday, April 13, 2015

Do You Know What This Blog Needs? More Cowbell!!

Christopher Walken, you know how to make everything better!

So, I successfully completed the Bridge the Gap 5K that took place in Bucksport this Sunday. The coolest part of this race is that you actually get to run directly across the Penobscot Narrows Bridge. Well, I thought that was the coolest part, but when my friend went to pick up our bib numbers, she saw that the swag that we got was so much better, cooler, umm...more different (sure, lets go with different) than the medals that we got from our last race. My friends, behold the almighty COWBELL-

You know you're jealous. These things are SWEET!

None of us could quite figure out the reasoning behind the cowbell swag. My best guess was that should one of us fall off of the bridge, we could ring the bell to get aid faster. As a "more-to-love-plus-sized-girl", I immediately thought of the jokes that could be made should I be seen wearing this around my neck like I did my medal. Self-deprecating humor is kind of my thing so I almost threaded one of these bad boys on to some twine and wore it to the run. Ultimately I figured the noise and the bouncing would annoy the crap out of me and chose not to wear it. In the end I gave mine to my children because when you have something loud and annoying you should always give it to your children. In all reality you should give it to the children of someone you really want to punish, but I guess I am a masochist.

In all seriousness, it was the most beautiful race I have run. After the longest, most soul crushingly long winter I can ever remember, being out in the warm sun, with beautiful views, and in the company of my friends, I was pretty blissed out.

My best friend signed up to do this with me. She just so happens to be terrified of heights and have a phobia about this particular bridge. Mand, you're a freaking superhero!

At least I was until I had to actually run. I think I have mentioned here before I that I don't enjoy running. At every race I have run in I find myself having this moment in the middle where I question why I am out there. I know I have mentioned how slow of a runner I am. Painfully slow. I never really seem to get any better at this, but I just keep signing up for more 5Ks. It makes no sense really. At least it doesn't make sense until this EXACT moment...

If I could add the audio of people cheering you on, it would make a much larger impact.

Maybe it is the feeling of accomplishing something that you aren't good at, maybe it is the cheer of the crowds, maybe it is just the rush of running through that line and knowing it is over, or maybe it's because I have had 3 children and at the end of running 3.1 miles, my body is more excited to see a porta potty than a human being should ever be. Whatever the reason, it feels soooo good. It's that little spark that you carry with you and makes you sign up for the next one, and the next.

Aside from the cowbells, the coolest part about this race was that I ran it exactly 3.04 minutes faster than my last 5k. Don't get me wrong, small children and the hobbled elderly are still leaving me in their dust, but I beat my own time damn it, and it was awesome.

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  1. Cowbells...that's a new one! What a great photo of that bridge. I can imagine it must have been amazing to run across.

    Great job improving your time. I love your attitude towards running!