Monday, February 23, 2015

Wellness Coaching

Remember when you were a kid and you had your favorite sitcom that you loved to watch because it was silly and then all of a sudden they have "A Very Special Episode Of Punky Brewster" and the tone of that one episode was more serious because it was about something important? This is kind of like that. But way less hokey. Hopefully.

I seriously wanted to be her! Or at the very least posses her mad fashion skills!

I have had a lot of fun with this assignment/blog so far. It gives me a chance to talk about things that I am passionate about, and a chance to be a bit goofy while I am at it. I won't promise to be completely serious for this post, but I wanted to really take some time to talk about something that has been instrumental to my renewed health and to my continued weight loss.

 About 6 months ago I joined a Wellness Challenge. The premise was that you pay $39 your first week, and you weigh in once a week for 12 weeks. At the end of the 12 weeks, the top three people with the highest weight loss percentage win the money in the pot. The first challenge I did started in September and ended in November. We had just shy of 40 people in that group. Needless to say $39 multiplied by 40 is a good chunk of change.
To increase my chances of winning, I bathed in the blood of one of the former winners...Kidding!!

I wasn't sure how this challenge would go. I knew that I could get a bit competitive, so I figured that would help me stay motivated each week to keep at it and try to win the big prize. What I didn't expect to get was a huge amount of moral support that came from this class. Our coach is an incredible woman who decided to teach these challenges after being successful at losing 70lbs. and maintaining for a year. She attributed her success to the challenges that she had taken part in and really wanted to help others meet their goals too by becoming a coach.

Every week I would face the scale, and then I would sit in class with the rest of the challengers, listening to our coach talk about such exciting topics such as, FIBER (let's just call this what it is...poop!)
"Take a guess: How many bowls of your oat bran cereal would it take to equal the fiber content of one bowl of Colon Blow?"
and PROPER HYDRATION! The class was always informative, and believe it or not, always fun. For a group of people who were all competing for money, you would never know it. Every person in that group would cheer you on if you had a good week at the scale. They would also nod their heads in agreement over the particularly rough weeks.

At the end of that challenge I took third place in weight loss, and also won the prize for most inches lost. It was a nice bit of cash right before the holidays and I was pretty pleased with myself. After the challenge ended I had about a month's time before the next challenge started up again. It was during that time that I realized just how much these challenges meant to me, and what I was getting out of these Saturday morning classes. I did terribly that month. I thought that it would be nice to not have to really feel any pressure about what I was eating for a while, and it was the holidays, so I was pretty excited to be cut free, but became apparent to me rather quickly, that I wasn't doing very well. I needed something to help me with my checks and balances, and I clearly wasn't capable of doing it on my own yet. 

This next challenge I am doing has been going since January and I am already anxious about it ending in April. It isn't even the tiniest bit about winning that pot of money anymore. I have made new friends, I have gained a mentor, I have lost over 60lbs., and I finally feel like for once in my life, maybe I have the hang of this whole "healthy" thing.

To become a healthier person you have to become more active, eat better, and pay attention to what you are putting into your body. For me, as important as all those things are to losing weight and making such drastic changes to my life, I needed a support system that was separate from my family, who would hold me accountable each week, but also let me know that if I had a bad week, it was ok because I was going to do better the next one.

So I guess the lesson to this week's blog post is to go out and find your people. Find support to help you work through whatever it is that you need help with to get healthy. For some it's Weight Watchers, Plexus,  Cross Fit, etc. Whatever it is, use it to help you make the best version of yourself.


  1. I am ridiculously proud of you. For ALL you have accomplished. Your fitness, your hard work in school, all your self-improvements. You amaze me.

    1. Thanks so much!!! I couldn't do it without your support.

  2. Jenn, that is a fantastic accomplishment!! I'm glad you have shared your story with the class, and hope others find inspiration and the support they need.

    I myself will be participating in the UMM Fitness Challenge. It is not about weight loss but about improving fitness levels. I'm excited because I've had a super busy semester and need a challenge to get me back on track.

    1. Thanks so much!
      One of the things that I am the most disappointed about with taking my classes online is my inability to have access at the UMM Fitness Center.
      Good luck with your fitness challenge!!