Monday, February 16, 2015

Ice Ice Baby

They creep up on you when you least expect them. Guaranteed to chill you to the bone. It's...It's...NIGHT-CICLES!

It feels like this entire week has been monopolized by the cold and icy weather. The snow can be overwhelming, but I have almost gotten used to fighting my way through that. This cold weather though, that is another story. I have no problem shoveling, but when I lose feeling in my fingers and toes, it's hard to get my dance moves right with my shovel. So what is a girl to do? Well, this is when you have to improvise.

I have been struggling to find things that will help me stay motivated to keep moving this winter. One of the biggest motivators for me has been my fitbit. I really have a a bit of an OCD relationship with it now. I use it to motivate me to hit my daily step goals, and I also use it to stalk...*cough* I mean track my friends so that I can try to beat their steps with some friendly competition. For whatever reason, it works.

I swear on all that is holy that this little girl could have totally been me at her age!

Of course not being able to run in this bitter cold, and not having a treadmill have been some major barriers at hitting my goals. I have to find different ways to reach that daily 10,000 step goal. One way that I hit my goal is by chasing my children around. They have boundless (spastic) energy, so it doesn't take those steps long to add up. (It is important to add here that you really should only be chasing your own children, or children that you have gotten permission to chase. You will still get a good workout from chasing children that you do not have permission to chase, but it will have a much less positive outcome for you once the police are called.)

One of my favorite ways to include my kids in my steps is to put on some loud music and dance like lunatics in our living-room or kitchen. Right now our favorite jam is Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars. It just makes you move, whether you really want to or not.

Another way that I get moving when it's cold outside is to watch walking videos on YouTube. Spoiler alert: It really isn't enough to just watch you do have to walk too. Sorry.
They aren't all that exciting, but they get the job done. If I am really lucky I even have some workout buddies to help me pass the time.
My boys burning off some of their boundless energy. This works better than horse tranquilizers. Not that I have tried that...
Sometimes it gets late and I have spent way too much time at my computer working on assignments, and I haven't moved nearly as much as I should have. It is also around this time that my husband starts to get a bit whiny about the fact that we haven't watched any of our favorite shows together. So I compromise and while we watch a few shows I walk in place while the show is on, then try to run in place during the commercials. My husband LOVES it when I do this. Of course that is a complete lie. He can't stand it. Also, I am pretty sure that I am wearing holes through the living-room carpet, so I have to keep changing where I run in place, but I still get in all my steps!

The important thing to take from this is that even when it seems like it is impossible to stay active in these brutal winter months, there is always something you can do to keep moving. If you're really lucky, you might even get the bonus of annoying your significant other while getting in your exercise. Win-Win!


  1. I DO enjoy watching you run in place though! All that... bouncing and... heaving... It's all very engaging to watch.

    1. Haha! Well see, you have just found your silver lining!

  2. Dance party in the kitchen = awesome!! Love it.

    1. From the sounds coming from our house I am sure that my neighbors think we are holding a rave. The kids do have fun though!