Sunday, February 1, 2015

Every Day I'm Shovelin'

If you are following this than you are most likely a classmate of mine, my professor, or one of my friends taking pity on me and reading my little blog. This means that most of you are going to relate quite well to my post this week.

I have logged in over 5 hours of shoveling this week alone. I honestly stopped counting after that. I am one of those Mainers that like to see the white stuff dust the area right before Christmas, and hang around so that it is aesthetically pleasing for about a month or so. After that I am done. Done I tell you! I have friends that have snowmobiles and all the tools for ice fishing. I understand liking winter if you have the money for the toys, or the passion for winter sports. I am not one of these people. I am trying though. One of the things that I hope to do over the course of the next few months, is to expand my horizons a bit and start trying winter activities that I have never done before. Stay tuned for those in future posts. No spoilers! You are intrigued though, admit it!

This is the sign across from my road. See how it taunts me?

So, let's get to what I have lured you all here for...shoveling. The weird thing about me is that I kind of enjoy it. I like making things neat and tidy. I like seeing that I have made progress. I even like the bit about it being a workout with a purpose other than working out. At least all of that was true until the winter that would not end started last week. I was going strong for the first two hours, but then I made a mistake. I went inside. Inside is warm. Outside is not. Inside is dry. Outside is not. Inside has couches. Outside does not. You see my dilemma? After I had spent a few minutes inside I knew pretty quickly that I was going to need some serious motivation to get me back out there to finish off what was left of my clean up. This is where you need to lean in my dear friends, learn the secret to making shoveling fun. Are you ready? It's 80's music! At least it was for me. It may be some completely different kind of music for you, so don't fret if the idea of big hair and neon colors makes you queasy. (But maybe consider looking for help for that, because that is a weird thing to get ill over.) In all seriousness though, I popped in my headphones, clicked on the Pandora app, and was immediately fueled with the power of getting my groove on. I shoveled to the beat, I danced with my snow shovel, I sang out loud like someone who is completely unaware that they are tone deaf. I most likely looked like I should be heavily medicated to the unsuspecting passerby, but I was having a blast!

This is me, stopping the world to melt with you.

Here's the thing, it really, really worked. I was having fun, I was getting in one heck of a workout, and I was outside in the beautiful, albeit annoyingly cold, snow. I felt so awesome I jumped over to my neighbor's house across the street and shoveled her out too! She was watching, so I sang a little quieter and danced a little less.

I guess the point of this post is that no matter how much you may dislike some of the trials and tribulations that come with living in Maine this time of year, there is always a way to make it a little less grueling, and a little more fun. The bonus is that if you can find a way to enjoy yourself, you will make this winter go by that much faster.

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  1. Awesome post...totally awesome! (I mean it, although yes, I'm also embracing 80's jargon.) :)
    I think sometimes we get so centered on the negative aspects of things, and look at you! Embracing the cold, wet snow with inspiration from the 80's. By the way, I love the 80's, especially 80's music, having grown up during that decade.
    Your energy is infectious and I hope others look at your post and see shoveling in a whole new light! :)