Friday, February 6, 2015

All Work And No Play Makes Jenn A Dull Girl

This girl? Yeah, she doesn't live here anymore...
This would be a more accurate portrayal.
Remember this girl from last week? She was so ready to shovel snow and have a good time doing it! She was dancing and singing out song lyrics. I remember her, but she is a distant memory from the person writing this week's blog post. This girl is less dancing and singing and more crying and shouting profanities. The problem is that Mother Nature DUMPED (and you can take that anyway you choose to) all over us this past week. It is exhausting keeping up with this much snow removal when all you have is your trusty shovel and the need to be able to vacate your driveway. I wish I could say that I rebounded after a while, but I didn't. It was like the more I would shovel, the more it would snow. On top of this, I discovered that an ice damn had formed over our bedroom causing our wall to weep icy water. Along with this discovery was that my car has a oil leak and that my husband has a gas his car.

Just when we thought that nothing else could go wrong, the serviceman cleaning our furnace informed us that there was a leak in our hot water tank and that it would need to be replaced. Leaks seem to be the theme of this week. Needless to say that the girl from last week is gone. As a matter of fact, she looks a bit more like this-

You have no idea how often I am mistaken for Mr. Murray!

So maybe I don't look quite like Bill Murray just yet, but I certainly entertained thoughts of taking a nice warm bubble bath with our toaster. Its actually pretty fitting that this picture is from the movie, Groundhog Day because with each of these storms coming one after another, it does feel a bit like we are trapped in some cruel loop, reliving one snowstorm over and over. Of course our reality is infinitely less cool, because we aren't hanging out with Bill Murray.

I haven't had the time to be active aside from shoveling and roof raking. This is where this blog saved some of my sanity. You see, I need to be finding things to do outdoors so that I can blog about them for my class. It was the responsibility of doing this that made me drop my shovel and walk down to the bay near my home. It was bitterly cold out, but I could see a fiery pink in the sky and I knew that the sunset would be gorgeous. I grabbed my camera and made the snowy trek towards the bay.

I was expecting to see a lovely sunset, as that was my other motivation for walking in the frigid temperatures, but what I wasn't expecting was to truly appreciate just how beautiful it was outside. I had been outside for an average of 3 hours every day this week, but I was so angry about the cold, the snow, (and lets not get me started about the plow man that kept plowing in my mailbox and driveway), that I never really took the time to appreciate just how stunning it is outside.

Everything was quiet, even my steps. Even though it was cold outside, there was a strange kind of comfort from being blanketed in 60+ inches of this white stuff. As I made my way down my road I could feel some of my anger leave and the feeling that replaced it was one of appreciation. Appreciation for what a fantastically beautiful place that we live in. There are people in this world that will never have the opportunity to see this kind of beauty around them, and all we have to do is look around us. And I mean REALLY look. In the end, I was not only rewarded with a calming walk to relieve some of my stress, but I saw one of the most beautiful skies I have ever seen.

This is the sky over the icy bay.

The walk back from the bay.

I guess I will save the toaster for toast, and the family and I can stop playing "If We End Up Like the Donner Party Who Do We Eat First". Spoiler alert, it would be the teenager. She has lived a longer life then our other kids and she has no survival skills anyway.


  1. HAHAHAHA! I have no words to offer, just HAHAHAHA! I love your ability to put into words so eloquently, what the rest of us are thinking but can not quite put into words.

  2. Your wit and this blog have been the highlight of an otherwise "straight razor, gin soaked/bathtub" kind of Friday. Thank you for that and for the reminder to appreciate the beauty that is all around me!

  3. I'm glad to see you have kept your sense of humor through all the trials of the past week! You definitely put a smile on my face, and that's not an easy thing considering I have the flu.
    Your pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.